Sshh--don't tell anyone. But I wrote a new book :)

It's not like the others.

Let me explain.

For quite a while, many of you have been asking me: what should we do with our lives?

It's a big question. And I didn't want to write a boring, long, tedious tome no one would ever read about it.

So I wrote a parable instead. It's short, fun, and easy to read. And hopefully it sheds some light on the big questions of meaning, happiness, and purpose.

I hope you read it--and I really hope that you enjoy it!!


That's Umair.

About Umair

Hi. I'm Umair.

Here's my official bio.

Umair Haque is one of the world's leading management thinkers. He is the youngest member of the Thinkers50,  the world's authoritative ranking of the globe's fifty most widely recognized management experts. He has written hundreds of articles at his widely read blog at Harvard Business Review, published two books about the economy and business through Harvard Business Publishing. He has held senior positions in finance and strategy, and holds degrees from McGill University and London Business School.

A familiar media figure, he has over two hundred thousand followers on Twitter, appears on every major news network, has been published or cited in nearly every major newspaper in the world, and still publishes regularly at Medium, HBR, and Twitter.

Here's my unofficial bio.

I write books, mentor people, run a thinktank, give talks and speeches, and live in London and New York. I like spring days, coffee, old books, and disco (don't judge me :)